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. I'm trying to update more frequently because now that I have more time I realize I've missed writing on my journal a lot! ;-; even though half of my f-list has emigrated to other websites lol, which is the reason why I've added a few new people to my friends list. WELCOME TO YOU ALL .

And, as you can see, I drastically changed my LJ layout . Click to see it! [ profile] jeune_fleur [ profile] jeune_fleur [ profile] jeune_fleur. I needed a big change. The old layout reminded me of not so positive things and yeah, I know it's just a layout but... you know XDDD . I love how it became simpler and how I gradually came back to my beloved flowers lol. I can never part from them! .

Bedroom decor

To start with, I want to show you two new pieces of furniture I got from my boss (or should I say ex-boss/call her by her name? XD). They are just two simple square boxes, but they came in so useful! I spent two mornings painting them white to match my room (they were originally pink and green) and also re-organized my stuff in that corner a little better .

Overall look of how that part of my room looks like now. Yes, I was in my pajamas XD.

Close-up of the boxes and their content.

Put the mirror I use for applying make-up on top. I really need to change the picture of that frame!

One of my porcelain dolls with a blue & pink box I made by myself. I put some erasers, mechanical pencil leads and such in it.

On the bottom I have a big box with all my hair and skincare products; on the left tiny bags with my tampons inside (YEAH YEAH XD) and on the right some of the stuff I use to decorate my agenda.

And this is how the other corner ended up looking.

El Tigre

Past Saturday my mother, grandma and I went to El Tigre, one of my favorite places to go . Fortunately this time we explored some galleries we hadn't explored before, and found an amazing store full of beautiful dresses! . I had foudn a really beautiful black chiffon dress with red flowers and gosh, I was so tempted to buy it, but last minute I decided not to, because I don't want to owe my parents any money. I can live without a dress (did I just say that for real? ).
We also saw some cute puppies for adoption in the gallery . There is like a tiny adoption shop there that encourages people to adopt instead of buying, on which I totally agree because there are so many poor stray dogs that need love and a good home . Next time I go I promise to take more and better pictures! .

I don't have an outfit shot, because everything was improvised and I had to do my make-up, hair and choose an outfit in 20 minutes. Hahaha, record time for me! .
I just have two selcas I took in the car on our way there.

The roooooooooooad.

Hello Kitty alarm clock. I love it soooo muuuch~! The alarm melody is so cute, and when you turn it off Hello Kitty says "Hello!" XD. I'm a sucker for cute things...

Pink cellphone case with sparkleeees~

Game of Thrones

Started watching it with Marie and Sae and OH MY GOSH I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS, LEMME SPAZZ SAJBFVAYGVADYUFCASTFRDCUS. No but really, this show is SO GOOD! . I must admit it took me 7 episodes to really get into it (yeah, almost the entire season lol) because I thought at first it was really boring, but now that I'm almost finishing season 1 I must admit that all those episodes full of family/royal drama were necessary.

And one of the most relevant things about it is that Marie confirmed that a dragon would appear and jesus, that has me so ajbsjahbs because I have a huge crush on dragons and I just can't wait to see one in this series! So basically the word I repeat the most while watching this with the girls is "Gimme a dragon", "I really need a dragon", "Wae you no gimme dragon" and the list of phrases containing the word "dragon" goes on XD. All this dragon obsession of mine gave birth to my new nickname............... SORAGON. I... sound like a digimon... XDDDD. BUT I DUN CARE, CAUSE I'MMA GET MY DRAGON and a lot of things ofc, like Joffrey tragically dying with his balls ripped.

Date: 2013-01-24 05:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is true and that is one of the reasons why I stay here at LJ. In Facebook I would never write the things I write here. Twitter is too annoying for me. When I want to chat I use ICQ or MSN and not twitter ^^
And yeah, the comment system at tumblr sucks ^^
And Dreamwidth is just a clone from LJ :/

I want to renovate my room this year, too. And I want a mix between a lot of white and brown *_*


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