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Jan. 10th, 2011 08:59 pm
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About Me

— My birth name is Florencia, but people in the internet and close friends call me Sora.
— I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and I truly dislike it.
— I am a fashion designer, graduated July 2014. Since August 2015 I've been working for a retail company called Carrefour, more specifically their clothing brand TeX. I'm head designer of kids, babies and menswear design.
— I'm a Libra (90% of the time accuarate) and my personality type is INFJ.
— I consider myself a "social justice warrior".
— I don't consider myself an atheist, but I'm not religious either? Like, I do not deny that God exists... but I just don't care enough to spend time trying to figure it out? LOL. It's more like I don't need religion ^^;
— I've been studying Japanese since March 2007.

My Family

— I live with my mother and grandmother (from my mom's side).
— My parents got divorced (not legally though) 2 years ago. Dad ocassionally comes over but we try not to see much of him. My relationship with him is practically non-existent.
— Our family is very small. Mom, dad, grandma, my uncle and his girlfriend, and that's it.
— My uncle has a bulldog named Ilma.
— Our land has two houses in it. At the front there's my house and at the back, grandma's. In the middle there's our garden.
— I have a maltese dog called Juka (M). He's actually living with grandma so I don't spend that much time with him.
— My own dog passed away on the 11th of August 2016, Pina (F). — My current pet Kea (F) appeared in my life on the first days of October and I just couldn't say no to a new furry friend.

My friends:

— My best friends are Sae, Fuuey and Umi. They all live in Sweden.
— I met Sae first on LiveJournal in 2010, if I'm not mistaken. I started talking to Fuuey and Umi at the begining of 2013 (they are childhood friends with Sae).
— I actually visited Sae in South Korea in October 2015. It was amazing!
— I don't have any super close friendships in Argentina. I hardly ever hang out, unless it's with mom.
— The closest I have to friends here, are my Japanese classmates.

The Job

— Even though I'm technically "a boss", I don't have anyone directly working for me, unless we count our external suppliers who have to pretty much cater to my every wish XD.
— I travel overseas to research fashion trends twice a year (March and September).
— I have been victim of harassment from the hands of one of my coworkers more than once and no one's ever done anything to s
top him.
— Therefore you can only imagine how much I trust and respect my team.

The Fandom

— My favorite movie is "How To Train Your Dragon".
— I like to watch anime and Japanese and Korean dramas.
— I enjoy fantasy TV shows the most (like Once Upon A Time, for example).
— You could say that Harry Potter is my religion :P
— I listen to K-pop the most, but I also like listening to Japanese music, soundtracks and some of the popular songs nowadays.
— I love watching anime!

Hobbies and Passions

— I collect dolls! First, I started with porcelain dolls. Now I'm collecting Monster High and Ever After High dolls.
— I love photography! I got my DSLR back in 2014 and I'm still learning lots about it :) it's a Nikon D5200.
— Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world.

Where else to find me

Twitter (personal)
Good Reads
My Anime List
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